Recruitment for New Rpg server

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Recruitment for New Rpg server

Post by Dxc on Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:47 am

Name: Dimitris
Age: 24
Location: Greece but currently living in Slovakia.

Character Information

Character Name:Dxc, Infraction
Class: AW,PW,Tyrant

Preferably Aw>Pw if server is a Gf or Tyrant>pw if server is Hi5
Amount of hours you play per week: During the week from 17:00 gmt+1 till early night 1-2am and during Friday-weekend from the time I wake up till 5-6am.

Some more info: I like both pvp and pve. I really like to play this game competitive so I hate carebears that don’t fight back that’s why I decided to apply to you, I wanna be free of action when I am in a clan, I wanna be able to pk enemy clan people without having to ask if its ok to pk? That’s why my class is always Aw,PW and sometimes tyrant if the chronicle is Hi5. I love pking as well especially if they try to out zone us or harass us during farming.
I have been to many clans throughout rpg servers: To AA, LL, GG, TeamZone, Gr33kwarriors, Zerg and last but not least I played once with OOC but they are a bit weird Razz I mean I am up for calling us in the middle of the night to get ready cause aq or baium will respawn but botting? I hate that!! Whats the point of leaving a software play your char? If you don’t like the game why bother in the first place? I can either play solo and add me to a party for pvp, sieges or add me to a cp from the beginning its up to you I am fine with whatever you decide. Anyway I am searching for a new home before all the spam from various clans start in the clan section and I hope I will find one.

Clan member
Clan member

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Re: Recruitment for New Rpg server

Post by Scubba on Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:10 pm

Thanks for posting, as we discussed in mails, you are in. 
Parties, start forming slowly!



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