Official Recruitment Thread and Clan Info

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Official Recruitment Thread and Clan Info

Post by Scubba on Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:34 pm


*** If u are lazy to read, short overview: ***
*** Clan lvl: 0 ***
*** Clan leader: Scubba ***
*** Members: expecting several parties and many individuals  ***
*** Ally: ScubbaFanGirls ***
*** Castle: Schuttgart (will be) ***
*** Clan Hall: not yet ***
*** Alt clan: VV ***

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, puppies, kitties aaand turtles!
I gladly announce the VaeVictis clan is back in action and reforming our lines!

Just a little overview about us
The clan itself started to become serious on SupremeL2 5x Aerith about 7-8 years ago, we spent pretty much time there.
When I had to leave due to some RL stuff, Shizary took the leadership and remade clan with the name of VV.
Later we kinda split up, smaller groups of us played on different servers, like Celes, Dragonians (Subsidium), L2Toxic (MementoMori), Frintezza (AnimalPlanet) L2Elixir + maybe some more. (GvE!). 
We had good times on RPG-Club servers, I can state we were in the best 5 clans.
After many years of private servers we decided to move to the newly opening official, L2 EU Core server. 
Achieved a lot, had a lot of fun and fights. But this new Lineage was far behind the classical features, so after a year we decided to permanently quit, except few members, leaving behind a level 11 clan with skills and 99 characters. 
Since that time we spread to play on many servers. Longest we stayed were Evoke, Sublimity, DEX GOD. The plan is to unite all the competitive and less competitive members once more.

Now we decided to remake the VaeVictis! 
Some oldschool guys are already in, and we agreed to expand. We use the Dual Clan System™, which means superactive players are going to the main clan with their CP, less active funplayers, individuals to the second one. Main must have CPs, and no real exclusion in the term of epics and instas, while the 2nd one will be the „player pool” to refill, rearrange the CPs. Obviously, 2nd is encouraged to form parties as well. The term „1st” and „2nd” is the importance order, but there is 1 clan only.

As soon as main clan will be able to accept members from 2nd clan, we will take them to maximalize their playing possibilities. The buffers, boxes will remain. 

So recruitment status is open, here is what we need from You:
- you must be able to communicate in english, no polak, spanish, romanian, russian blabla -
- you must be aware of your class and know your role in PvPvE
- you must know this game and be familiar with the actual chronicle
- you must be able to play as a team
- participate in the announced events (sieges, etc)
- you must call me your personal God and give me your acc, items, 30$ and paypal data

About our requirements, there are 5 categories
 1, You have a nice group with healthy and entertaining mind. You would like to join together and fight under the flag of VaeVictis. We are interested - but we have requirements. Contact Scubba and we will discuss the terms and conditions. 
 2, You are interested to fill a slot in one of our groups. Contact Scubba and you will be redirected to the party leader for a test period. If they are satisfied with your performance you will become a family member. 
 3, If you have ever played in our clan on any server, feel free to pm me. If i remember you will get an instant invitation as long as we have slots, your level, items, activity is irrelevant. 
 4, If you are a „fresh meat” but you like our attitude, tired of the russian blabla, or simply you are my personal fanboi, contact us, and our leaders will discuss it with you. Using our forum is preferred. 
 5, If you are new to the server, and got no serious plans about the future, or just want to test certain classes, u are welcomed in our academy. Due to the high numbers of new players we are able to take only very active players to main clan academy while calm players may join to 2nd clan's academy without completion restraints. Main academy members will receive some financial support upon completion. 

About our plans
* we will focus on defending our Castle and Clan Hall and getting high levels
* we explore the new areas, content, bosses, basically the new features
* we keep doing Scubba’s Daily Raid Rides including epics as soon as we can
* and of course world domination and peace and love and pink flowers and clouds etc
* based on political decision we will join or create a side

And finally what we can offer 
- friendly environment with individual and team actions
- raids, fame, sieges, olympiad, fancy CH and maybe some more raids
- stupid jokes, party, support, experiencing the new features
- no more "strange" language on your clanchat
- Teamspeak server for the sonic orgasm
- u may have your personal idol, me

Few more things to add
+ most of us are from EU timezone but we play usually from early afternoon till early morning, having some company should not be a problem. 
+ we are not carebears, so if you want a cute pinky farming clan only, this is not your team
+ we don t have clancraft. You may ask anything from clan warehouse and I will  either give you or not. Every member should be able to manage his or her gear (with help of group and clan)

In case you have any question, would like to apply or just want someone to listen to your problems, message me ingame or via forum. 
I may be busy or sitting at market, so try again later. 

proud leader of VaeVictis Clan Family

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