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Post by lrrn on Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:52 pm

Hi, im Adrian and im 23 yo , im frome poland ...hmmm i start play l2 on celes 3 years ago i think ... dont remember, after i play on frintezza x10, rpgx5(in B&W clan) and x15 (ooc my cp split and we leave and in VV but only for very short time coz i got to go Nederland to work ) On Core i play sws low lvl right now i start today but i lvl up fast (im not working and no study right now ). In VV i know Eluxiven, Sarenka and Chada (if he still play ) i hope they can recommendet me;] ill update topic when ill lvl up let me know here or ing (LrrN ) if u need sws


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