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Ts3 Channel Commander

Post by Moonlight on Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:55 pm

Hello. In this topic, I sign for how to make the CC TS ... (who do not know what it is? Explains: This is an opportunity for the siege of flame or other event not to communicate via chat and via TS, that at times increases the interaction party's and facilitates the management of Zerg, and to change strategy in combat mode).
1. Each party leader / deputy party leader must have privileges to chanel admin, for the privilege of turn in pm Eluxiven.

2. We go in "Tools"--->"Whisper list"

3. 1)New 2) We put a separate hotkeys and more like the image below

4. Next, right click on your name and put the Channel Commader

5. Now you can talk to all who will be included CC between channels (red icon), but before a call is not a pleasant sound, as it is off looking at the screenshot(Remove checkmark)

P.s.: and one more request Eluxiven on all channels to put mono mode because the guys from the clan do not know about him and are forced to use poor sound quality
Thank you for your attention. GL HF GG

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