Ghost Sentinel wants to steal your cookies and make a CP.

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Ghost Sentinel wants to steal your cookies and make a CP.

Post by Massiv0r on Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:48 am

Hi there boys, i'm Natasha i'm 21 years old and i'm kinda lonely.. my pussy is really tight and i need someone to help me with that, and my tities, they need an extra hand i guess. can you ?

Hello fellas, im Andrew (18 years old) from Greece (GMT+2)..i do every day pushups and weight for 3 years now, i listen to..
affraid Whoops, let me cut to the chase.

Ghost sentinel (Nobless): Draconic set (Maxed Attributes) / TT+3 / DB +12 Focus MW (150), Active..was playing since C1 DAGGAR POWAR days, when Dark screamer was like Doom Dagger and Theca was like Dynasty back then, got some experience. Basketball

What i want to do is since theres no archer cp with slots, i will make one with the below classes:
SD,SWM,CARD,DC(i can box),ES,AL as support and the DDs 3 Archers except if i find a Trickster. Rolling Eyes

In case there available some classes from the clan i will take them, everything else i will try to find and recruit. I know it ain't simple but all you can do is try.

I was in GW from start but the clan wasn't progressing and the Leader quitted so we left, then Tempest for a couple of days which was too much considering how facked up their Leader is, he doesnt take his pills and hes father abused him, really.. Laughing

Few more details:

Enchanted Hex,Stun,Passives - Subclasses: Destro (Haste) // Tyrant (CP Boost) // BladeDancer (Celestial) they dont have third but it can be done if needed to.


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Re: Ghost Sentinel wants to steal your cookies and make a CP.

Post by JTB on Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:03 am

hehe, yeah.. i know mudri from other server, i totally agree with you Very Happy

+1 for being initiative, thats almost always good Very Happy

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