GoD++ Exp Guide 85-99

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GoD++ Exp Guide 85-99

Post by Scubba on Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:17 am

The game now is designed to focus on instances and daily activity.
The 10-day, 30-day etc quests, Clan Login bonuses and the game mechanics are supporting it.

Make sure you do all the possible instances on that level. Paulina set is great, double SA, set bonus, special jewels.

85 Kartia Solo + Group, Teredor instance for EXP.
Swampland and SoA daily for daily quests, EXP and some income. Harnak solo.
Later Fairy quests and southwestern area.
Zaken and Freya for drops. If there is a chance, Frintezza and Epic Freya.
Nursery for.. well, waste of time.

90 Kartia Solo + Group.
Fairy daily quest and AoE EXP. Garden of Genesis still good EXP for single target or small group EXP. Also few quests there.
Istina instance for drops and EXP.
Magmeld quest chain, it gives nice rewards, mostly enchants.
Kimeran solo instances.
Fortuna for drops, Spezion if you have plenty of time.

Raid bosses! There are plenty of raids on the map, usually camped and killed soon.
They drop Apo weapon craft packs, enchants, SA stones. I suggest 2 parties if you are in level range.
Isle of Souls quests and dailies. The mobs are are good exp, easy to kill.
Stronghold 3 with group.
Nornil Garden / Spicula instance with a small group, quick and good EXP.
Tiat in Seed of Destruction.

95+ Kartia Solo + Group.
30-day quest and Rift daily. Mobs inside give really good EXP.
Seal of Shilien daily. You will hate it.
Field of Silence, Whispers solo zone.
Orbis Temple group EXPing zone.
Altar of Darkness insta.
Octavis insta.

Moar Raid bosses! Now you will not have damage penalty on the lower ones, can do with 1 party.
Baylor every day, Crystal Caverns 3x with reset scroll.
Epic Spezion every day.
Guillotine Fortress, Orbis deep, group EXP zones.
Pagan Temple solo.
Balok insta.
Istina Extreme mode.
Tauti insta.
Ekimus insta + reworked Seed of Infinity.

To be continued...



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