Going OL looking to join

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Going OL looking to join

Post by Izzled on Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:48 am

Hi guys, as title says, im going OL, i just started on the 3x server so as of right now im only lvl 24 but that will boost up pretty quickly. If you have an academy id be happy to join that. Smile
ingame toon nick: Izzled

About me:

My names heath, im 26 years old, I live in maryland USA, I have played L2 for 8+ years, I have always played an OL so I know my way around them rather well. My main on retail was a 83 dominator, I quit when GoD came out. I have TS3 and all, my prime time is 5pm EST on weekdays - midnight, and all day on weekends.

I'm looking for a fun, inspiring community to join on this server, and well, finding people who arent russian might seem to be a hard task lol. I'd like to be part of a CP and advance as a team to stardom.
I'd be happy to join the family and community.

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