H5 Deathbrining Mass PvP setup

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H5 Deathbrining Mass PvP setup

Post by Eudo on Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:24 am

Note - this guide should not be taken seriously on low rate servers (at least not till moment when you have gear for those - I cannot see any efficient possibilities of this party in exping areas)
Most probably harmful in narrow places or sieges

BISH - Mass Block Wind Walk and Shield + Backfire and Mana Burn/Storm
SWS - Noise, best bubble ever (Silence + Symphonies)
BD - same as above (Demonic + Medusa)

OL - Seals, healing abilities in crowd (that's why it is chosen over WC)
SE - Throne Root, stigma and incredibly high mana burn (+ PoW and 4 pomanders - most probably magical backfire, major group heal, mana storm + one of choice) - Stun resist and Clarity can be given out by numerous Eva's Saints outside the party
Soulhound - Mass slow(s), Mass paralysis(es), Leopold hurts, Cancel aka Steal Divinity (I'd say that if person is quick - female. 2x blinks does the job to jump in, spam skills and jump out. Can be optionally male, but then all you have is Sword Shield and one blink)
Hell Knight - ToD, Cancel, some more Cancel, Hate Aura, Insane Crusher, Mass Fear, Physical Silence, Party UD
Necro - Mass fear/gloom, Mass Warrior/Mage bane, Vampiric Mist, Day of Doom, numerous single target debuffs (silence, doom, disease, abyss, etc.)
Warlord - This point does not have to be clarified anyhow, I believe


Bonus - FORMATION: (front/middle/back)

However insane this setup may seem like, probably noone would like to meet it on the battlefield Smile

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