H5 Vitality and EXP

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H5 Vitality and EXP

Post by Scubba on Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:00 am

Vitality System:
-the vitality system is a way for characters to earn additional XP through hunting. there is a grey bar beneath your MP bar that shows the level and the amount of vitality your character has
-There are 4 stages of vitality, each stage corresponding to a different XP bonus (note: after reaching 75 the vitality bonus decreases a bit)

Level 1 - 150% increase in experience gain.
Level 2 - 200% increase in experience gain.
Level 3 - 250% increase in experience gain.
Level 4 - 300% increase in experience gain.

-vitality is consumed when hunting normal monsters or kamaloka (x3,x6)
-vitality is replenished when hunting raids,making Pailaka quests,using vitality replenishing herbs (drops from mobs), being logged off, or sitting in town (but very slow)

Recommendation System:
The recommendation system is a XP boosting system that offers upon 50% additional XP while hunting in the first hour of being logged in. Players get, when first logging each day, 20 recs to give, an additional 10 recs after 2h and another rec after each additional hour of being logged. Beneath is a table of the required amount of recs a character needs to have to obtain maximum bonus (50%)

TIP: Make 1 account with alt characters and use them to recommend yourself - 1 character ahs 20 points at start

Priest of Blessing:
The Priest of Blessing sells two useful items: Nevit's Voice and Nevit's Sandglass.
Every item can only be purchased once every 20 hours and is not tradable. This timer of 20 hours is shared between all characters on the same account.

Nevit's Voice
Cost: 100,000 Adena.
Stats: Raises a character's recommendation level by 10.

Nevit's Hourglass
This item grants additional XP bonus time. If, say, your character already has 30 minutes left on the daily recommendation XP bonus, which counts down as long as you are logged in, you can purchase this item to pause ("maintain") that countdown. During this time, your character gains XP at the level the bonus was paused at.
Cost: Depends on the character's XP level.
Stats: Maintains XP bonus time for 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 minutes. (This number is decided randomly when the item is purchased.)
The item's effect is a buff that shows up in the new Recommendation System UI window as "Maintain."
Once the additional time runs out, the original XP bonus timer begins counting down once again.
This item has no cooldown time. However, you cannot use a second Sandglass if you already have the Nevit's Hourglass buff in effect.

Character Level Range Nevit's Hourglass Price
Level 1-19 4,000 Adena
Level 20-39 30,000 Adena
Level 40-51 110,000 Adena
Level 52-60 310,000 Adena
Level 61-75 970,000 Adena
Level 76-79 2,160,000 Adena
Level 80-85 5,000,000 Adena

If your character dies or changes its subclass, the Nevit's Hourglass buff disappears.
If your character teleports to an Olympiad arena or into an instance zone, Nevit's Hourglass buff disappears.
The Nevit's Hourglass buff cannot be stolen with Steal Divinity.
The recommendation system XP bonus stacks with Vitality bonuses.
Repurchasing Example 1: Character A is level 63 and buys a Nevit's Hourglass. In less than 20 hours, he achieves level 64. Character A must wait until the rest of the 20 hours counts down before you can purchase another Nevit's Hourglass.
Repurchasing Example 2: Character B is level 75 and buys a Nevit's Hourglass. In less than 20 hours, she achieves level 76. Because level 76 is in a different level range than the last Nevit's Hourglass she purchased, Character B can purchase a new Nevit's Hourglass right away that is tailored to her new level range.
The recommendation timer starts when you log in, so make sure to make the first hour of being logged count, otherwise log off to stop the timer.
The nevit gauge gets filled for 3 hours, after that it won't work until the next day. The timer stops when the character is in a peace zone or has reloged. So if you go AFK and you are outside a peace zone just SOE or log off. Do not leave the character there or the nevit timer will continue to count and you can end up losing the nevit bonus for that day.

Nevit's Advent Blessing
The Nevit system is another XP boosting system with a vitality replenishing bonus.There is a gauge that gets filled up while hunting or when leveling up(30% at once in the second case). When the gauge reaches 100%, Nevit's Blessing is applied, the character receives a vitality replenishing buff for 3 minutes, and XP bonus equivalent to the 4th stage of vitality (300%).
The Hunting Bonus gauge does not activate or grow from gaining experience points from monsters that are nine levels or more below your character or from gaining experience points while inside a Peace Zone.

Party XP bonus

Level Difference Penalty
Level Difference   Effect on Experience Points
9 levels or less   100% XP (No penalty)
10 to 14 levels    30% XP     (The lowest party member receives only 30% of the experience points that others in the party members do.)
15 levels or more   0% XP (The lowest party member does not receive any experience points.)



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