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LvL 1: Talk to Newbie Helper.

Kill a Gremlin.

You are now level 2.

Pick up the Blue Stone.

Talk to Newbie Helper, then talk to the NPC next to them. Click the option other than Quest.

Click on "I will go to the Isle of Souls" or "I will go to the Kamael." (* If you are Kamael, you will have to run to the town. Leave the Gremlin room and follow the road East, then South, and then Southeast to enter town. You will see the Newbie Guide on the left.)

Talk to Newbie Guide.

Run South through the village, down some stairs, to Zerstorer Marcela, on the left.

Talk to Zerstorer Marcela, click Quest.

Click Supply Check, and "Say yes."

Run to the Warehouse (click on the Map icon to open map).

Talk to Warehouse Keeper "Benis", click Quest.

Return to Zerstorer Marcela.

Talk to Zerstorer Marcela, click Quest, click Supply Check.

Run to the Grocery Store (check map).

Talk to Trader "Nika", click Quest.

Return to Zerstorer Marcela.

Talk to Zerstorer Marcela, click Quest.

You are now level 5.

Return to the Newbie Guide and double-click on him.

You are now level 6.

You now have a wooden armor set in your inventory, you can receive Apprentice Shadow Weapons, and Support Magic from any Newbie Guide.

Click on "View available Support Magic," then click on "Receive supplemental magic."

* You will want to have this magic on you at all times. If you die, talk to a Newbie Guide to get it again. Mouseover the buffs (top left) to see their timers. If, later on, you think the timer will run out while you're out of town, get the buffs again to fill the timers to max.

Talk to Newbie Guide again.

Click "Receive Apprentice Adventurer's Weapon Exchange Coupon."

Talk to Newbie Guide again.

Click "Get help with a Newbie item", then click "Select a No-Grade Shadow Weapon." The weapon you pick is not terribly important during these early levels, but there are some suggestions:


Apprentice's Staff (better for casting only)
Bone Club (works well with both casting and hitting)

Shining Knife or Long Sword (you will have a free hand for a shield)
Cestus (dual punching weapons)
Forest Bow (you will need to buy or collect arrows)
Choose a weapon and click "Confirm".

LvL 6:
Run over to Zerstorer Marcela again.

Talk to Marcela, click Quest.

Click "Head for the Hills!" then scroll down and click "Say yes."
* The quest description tells you to collect 50 claws, but you only need to collect one to complete the quest, and get the Newbie bonus.

Run up the stairs and go East across the plaza to Gatekeeper Ragara.
Speak to Ragara, click "Move to a stronghold (free)", click "Stronghold I." (click Confirm).
You are teleported to a stone platform in the wilderness.

Head south until you see Green Goblins and Mountain Werewolves. They will not attack you right away, but if you attack one of them, nearby members of their type might come over and attack you along with your target. Best to kill one when it is further away from its kin.

Kill these monsters until you receive a Hills of Gold monster Claw. (This will open a quest update box at the top left.)
Open your inventory and use a Kamael Village Teleportation Scroll.
You are teleported back to the Kamael Village.

Return to Zerstorer Marcela.
Talk to Marcela, click Quest.
Click "Head for the Hills! (In Progress)", click "Exchange monster claws for Adena", click "Say no."

Return to the Newbie Guide.
Talk to the Newbie Guide.
You are now level 10.

LvL 10:
Now that you have acquired, completed, and turned in a couple of quests, this guide will cut-down the where-to-click instructions that are involved in receiving a quest. Basically, just keep clicking the responses in a dialogue window to receive a quest and say you will do it. All early quest dialogues follow the same format.

Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss (done in Dwarf village)

Teleport to the Dwarven Village.

Talk to Collector Gouph in the Bronze Key Guild (check map) and accept his quest.

Go to the Weapons and Armor Shop and talk to Trader Reep.

He tells you to go talk to Carrier Torocco. Go around the South side of the Warehouse building to access the area behind the building, and talk to Carrier Torocco there.

Run South out of town and follow the road West.

After a short distance you'll see Miner Bolter. Keep going and you'll come to Miner Maron.

Talk to him about the quest.

Run back to town and talk to Blacksmith Brunon in the Blacksmith's.

Accept his mini-quest about killing goblins.

While you're here, talk to a Blacksmith again to Learn Skills. You need to learn both Spoil and Sweeper before anything else. (To use them, cast Spoil on a monster and it will cause you to attack it. You must watch the chat window to see that 'Spoil condition is now activated.' If you don't see that message, the spell did not work, and you must cast it again. When a monster is successfully in Spoil condition, kill it, and then use Sweeper right after it dies. This will get you extra loot.)

Talk to the Gatekeeper to teleport to the Western Mining Zone.

Update your map pin by checking this latest step in your quest window.

From the teleporter's drop-off point, run West-by-Northwest, towards the map pin.

When you get to the pin area, you'll see the monsters you need.

Kill Goblin Brigand Lieutenants until you get all of your quest items.

Return to town and talk to Blacksmith Brunon again.

Talk to Collector Gouph again. Almost there!

Just kidding! Go back to Brunon.

Go to the Warehouse and talk to Warehouse Keeper Murdoc. (* There is a small known bug here. The Quest window description refers you to a "Freighter Murphrin", but the correct NPC is Warehouse Keeper Murdoc, so just ignore the Quest window for this step.)

In the same room, talk to Warehouse Keeper Airy about the quest.

Talk to the Gatekeeper to teleport to Western Mining Zone.

Same as before, run West-by-Northwest back to the area you were hunting in before.

This time kill Blade Bats until you get the quest update.

Return to Collector Gouph in town.

You are now level 11.

Talk to the Newbie Guide.

You are now level 15.

You have now received your race-specific weapon. Alas, the shadow weapons you're using during this guide are much better than the weapon you receive. But, hey! You're 15 now. You also got soulshots, echo crystals, and a few Lesser Healing Potion. Equip the potions to your hotbar.

LvL 15: (last quest)
There are different Final Newbie Missions for each race, but the Human quest is the easiest and fastest. You don't need to learn new skills for this quest, it is that easy! The skills you learns for the level 10 quest will suffice.

Go to Talking Island Village and talk to the Newbie Guide there.

Talk to Elias, nearby. Click Quest and accept the quest by clicking "Say that you'll help."

Speak to the Gatekeeper to teleport to Talking Island, Northern Territory.

Kill spiders until you get the quest update. They are mostly West and Southwest of the teleport drop-off point.

Use a Scroll of Escape to return to town.

Talk to Priest Yohanes in the Temple.

Talk to Elias.

Talk to the Newbie Guide.

You are now level 18.

Refresh your Support Magic from the Newbie Guide so that you can get the level 16+ Life Cubic buff, which regenerates your health.

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