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Post by CookiEater on Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:34 pm

Hello there !

I don't rly know what to write so maybe I'll introduce myself.

I'm 21 years old polish person, my favourite things are rock, rock and rock !

I decided to try join your clan beacuse I know Scubba from l2 toxic server and I would like to play with him once more Razz

I won't talking beauty sh1t about where I've been playing beacuse there wasnt alot of it. Honestly I've spend most of my l2 time on toxic trying to beat overdonated sh1t ( the ppl that played there knows what am I talking about ), then I moved rpg-club x15 but didnt do anything amazing, worth mentioning there. I won't be talking talking about full l2j servers so its basicly all.

I would like to play sws/bd/necro so I can be able to exp by myself beacuse as I know my free time I will be avaible for pts etc only at weekends.

I can't precise my hours of playing beacuse of work shifts.

So that would be all, I hope it's enough Razz

PS : Jared rox ! Very Happy

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Clan member

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Re: rpg-club

Post by Scubba on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:52 am

We will surely find you some place, probably in 2nd clan (you play when you can play, there will be parties formed without CP)

If we go to H5 it will be really easy to find party!



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