Application (new RPG)

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Application (new RPG)

Post by Haath on Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:12 pm

Hey there, my name is Greg and I am 19 years old and I happen to be from Greece^_^

For the new RPG-Club I will almost certainly be playing Elven Elder, though I've also have had thoughts about a Swordsinger or a Warlord

I have been playing L2 since C4, so for roughly 7 years now. I wasn't always playing, and to be honest I haven't played at all for a couple of years (since GoD).
I am a fairly good player though, and very familiar with the supportive classes Smile
For the early years it was almost the only game I'd play so about 75% of my experience comes from early chronicles (C4-Interlude), so I have
- probably - missed a couple of things but I'm a quick learner Smile
My favourite part of the game is definitely sieges, and right after that anything group-centered like Bosses and farming. (yes, I am one of those weirdos
that mindlessly enjoy mass farming Very Happy)

As far as activity is concerned, I definitely want to go into the main clan, but being a student (Electrical and Computer Engineering) I probably won't be
of the most active people you'll see here Smile

Playtime: 15:00+ GMT is all the hours I'll be available for parties, doesn't mean I'll always play for the entirety of them Smile

Other than that, I'm a pretty keen gamer ^_^

steam: haath

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Re: Application (new RPG)

Post by Scubba on Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:05 am

hello Greg!
The mentioned support classes sound great, I am sure we could use them! Warlord in my opinion is not that useful (as you can take it for subclass for farming purpose). 

I like your experience, tho with your activity it may be a bit difficult to find a constant group, and in those chronicles that is the only way to achieve something. 

Anyway, I like your application, please keep browsing our forums and you will see how much time you have to play. 
The server starts in October, so when you have your schedule I suggest to think if it would be suitable for you to find a CP. 
Groups will be prioritized in main clan. 

Good luck with your studies!



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