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Post by Dubluw on Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:11 pm

Hey there.Sorry for posting here.

If you're looking for one good server let me introduce this.I already opened,yesterday at 20:00.

www dot L2Max dot com ( Hope you'll come ).

Here you can see our complete server features.

100% official platform Gracia Final (Not Java)
Offline Shops.
NO DONATIONS for affecting the gameplay.NO items to affect the rates.
100% Unbugged.
Retail-Like aproximatly,few things changed.(some quests)

Exp/SP rates: x7;
Adena drop rates: x7 (70% chance);
Seal Stones drop rates: x5 (70% chance);
Drop: chance х5, amount х1 ( Mats drop is 2x )
Spoil: chance х4, amount х1 ( Mats spoil amount is 2x )
Quest item drop rate: x1
Quest rewards: Exp х3, adena х3
Quest item drop amount: x1
Raidboss drop rate: x2
Raidboss adena drop rate: x7
Epic Raidboss drop rate: x1
Raidboss respawn time : retail

Server configuration:
Hourly database backups
DDoS Protection,AntiBot Protection.

Dualbox: Main+Support or Offline Shop

Buff Time:
Buffs Time retail
Songs/dances time retail
Greater Buffs time retail

Quests changes:

For this quests ony drop amounts is changed,the chance remain retail.
Quests 2x amount rate: ( random amounts between 1-2 QIs )

Whisper of Dreams - Part 1
Whisper of Dreams - Part 2
Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1
Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2
Legacy of Insolence

Quests 3x amount rate: ( random amounts between 1-3 QIs )

3rd class transfers quests: 700 Halisha marks => 3x Marks per mob.
The Finest Food
The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
The Finest Ingredients - Part 2
Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos
War with Ketra Orcs
War with Varka Silenos
Relics of the old empire
Gather the flames


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