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Lowbie CP

Post by Doomah on Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:00 am

Hello everyone.

As many of you already know that I am a low level who's annoying the shit out of people for some time now, started to think about it since my girlfriend decided to take my dominator and I have to do a quick reroll. Just because it's a lowbie CP doesn't mean it requires a certain level which will be 85. So far I have a friend who's a future siegel knight and then there's my girlfriend on ISS and I believe I am gonna be an archer.

I also want to state the fact that I don't want to be the leader since I lack a bit of knowledge on GoD but I am thinking it as a CP focussed on leveling as fast as possible in order to catch the rest of the clan. So feel free to pm, reply whatever. I also would be glad if the experienced high levels share their opinions and give advices.

I am not sorry for the god damn long post but I am sorry it's kinda fucking serious, because that's how I freaking roll.

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Re: Lowbie CP

Post by Scubba on Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:48 pm

lv 1-85 can be done pretty fast
make your char, burn your vit till lv ~66
wait next wednesday, fix RL things to be able to play more
burn vit again, u should be close to 3rd class
make 3rd, find someone who can powerlvl u, even u can get some xp/vit boost items
even u can lvl yourself with iss, i made like 20% / buffround on 82 with a newbie iss
also, u can try to play like 20h / day, soloing toi, shrine, woa, etc

or just play for fun

btw join to our academy on the lowest possible lvl (lv1!) so we will get some crp which is needed to learn new clan skills


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