How To Make Money in VV!

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How To Make Money in VV!

Post by Scubba on Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:58 am

This request / event / opportunity is open for anyone, can be clan member, random, other clan member, or new player on the server.

You know, making adena is not so easy for everyone.
We would like to offer serious adena reward (15 millions) for brave adventurers who are active but tired of the high lvl content, pvp or simply waiting for spezion reuse and have nothing to do.
Obviously, for a reward, u have to do some service.
We would like You to start a new character, join our academy, lvl it up within 1 week, and do the quest for our clan for reputation points.
Besides our reward, u will get the adena and weapon from low lvl quests, the drops from lvling, depending on your luck.

To speed up your progression, we offer some help, like CH and Castle teleports, clan/allychat to make parties to instances, and free iss buffs when we have some buffer in town.

This "mission" can be done in 2-3 days, without serious nolifing or using L2store items, you only have to lvl up "effectively", meaning hunting on proper spots.

In case u are interested, contact Scubba ingame via mail before u start 1st class change quest. Reward is given 70+.

In addition, if u take your friends with u, i give extra 3 million adena to you after each friend finishes our academy.


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