Party LF DD (Rogue)

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Party LF DD (Rogue)

Post by Pojzon on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:01 am

Pojzon's CP LF DD (Rogue would be the best) lvl 87+
Online hours: 18h-24h (gmt+1)
Contact: pm "Pojzon or "Bruner or "Skifter
other expectations:
using TS3
Party is fulll: 2x Yul, Iss, Tank, 2x Aeore, Mag so there would be no need to be online everyday, we could play changeably.
I think it is a nice opportunity for players who cannot be online everyday coz of work, family, other stuff.
Our CP helps its members to get the gear. If You are interested pm one of the contacts mentioned above and that person will explain You how does our party work and will answer all Your questions.


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