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Freya guide

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:22 am

All quest can be started talking with Rafforty porting from Schuttgart to Iceman Hut. The list of quests that must be done is:
-The other side of truth
-Request of ice merchant
-Acquisition of the divine sword
-Meeting Sirra
-Reunion with Sirra
-Story of those left

For completing the first quest, it must be nighttime in game (use /time or check the map), because Misa only appears at night. BTW, is easier to go to Misa if you port to Pavel Ruins and walk to the east.

After the first quest, talk again with Rafforty and take his third quest (Ice merchant's request, I think), and so on.

You will be able to finisht the quest after the first time you kill Freya, so when you get the 5 Black Frozen Cores, keep them and stop trying to continue the quests Smile

Complete guide of quests:

Raid Progression:

Stage 1: Freya's first strike
1 party must be tanking Freya (Scubba, it will be your work, I guess Wink ), 1 party will be killing the minions, and the last one will be hitting Freya and helping to kill minions if needed. In this stage we'll have to use the Black Frozen Cores (I'll tell you later how it works).

Stage 2: Defea Glakias
For me it's the easyest part. Just kill this guy as fast as possible.

Stage 3: Freya's final strike
just like stage 1, but a little bit harder. Freya has more HP, hits harder, more minions, more freezes... funnier ;P

How to use Black Frozen Cores:

During stages 1 and 3, you'll see some messages on your screen telling something like "you can feel a powerfull magic". This is the signal to use the cores. The core must be used 2 second after the message by 1 guy inside the dungeon or everyone will die. It will give a buff to everybody that makes you able to resist Freya's magic.

Check the skill bar of Freya when she casts "Eternal Blizzard". When the bar if under the "d" the core must be used!!

Before starting the raid, the leader will tell which party will be the first using the Cores, who will be the second, and who will be the third. Every party leader must take care of the cores of his party. For example, if it's the turn of my party, I'll tell in TS that I'll be the first, and after me Joe (for example) must use it, and after him... whoever I want, but I must take care of that, or it will be a complete chaos.

Freya sometimes uses a freezing AoE attack, so the person that must use the Core, must stay a little bit away from her, o he might be freezed and he can fail using the core.

PS: I'll try to link more info, movies, quest guides, or whatever. If you have any questions just ask, I'll try to keep an eye on the forum. GL

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Re: Freya guide

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:52 pm

Updated, witha complete guide of the quests


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