SoA and R Items

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SoA and R Items

Post by Scubba on Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:06 pm

Seed of Annihilation on Gracia continent
Take quest from Guard Kbaldir on Keucerus, "To the Seed of Annihilation"
Do it.
You can teleport from Keucerus to SoA with the Flight Controllers without summoning airship.

Battle in the Nursery
Level: 85-89
Solo instance, 6h reuse
Reward: Immortal Upper + Lower parts.
Breastplate + gaiters / Tunic + stocking / Leather armor + leggings

Teleport to SoA, and move to the shiny red area and you will be teleported inside.
Speak with the NPC, and start grinding.
Some of the mobs drop your target and become untargetable for few seconds, try to survive.
The counter will show you the remaining time, as well as your points.

While fighting, there is a chance that Maguen will spawn and try to steal your items.
He can be targeted only after few second, with perfect timing and some luck you can get back the stolen items + some extra.

Also, there is a chance you get an Energy Restoration effect.
If you run back to the starting NPC while the effect is still on, it will reward you with some items.

When the time is over, go back to the NPC and you can exchange your points for Crystals, which can be exchanged for Immortal items.
The obtained crystal number depends on your points.

Farmed items Reward crystals
1-800 items 10 crystals
801-1600 items 60 crystals
1601-2000 items 160 crystals
2001-2400 items 200 crystals
2401-2800 items 240 crystals
2801-3200 items 280 crystals
3201-3600 items 320 crystals
3601-4000 items 360 crystals
4000+ items 400 crystals

You can exchange crystals on Keucerus, Kirklan NPC.
Upper part: 1400 crystals
Lower part: 880 crystals

There is another quest for additional Energy Crystals.
"How to Oppose Evil" from Dilion on Keucerus.
You will get other questitems while hunting inside SoA.
You can exchange them for another items at Kirklan on Keucerus, and then trade them for Crystals at the same NPC.


Not Strong Enough Alone
Daily quest
Reward: Attribute Stones, Crystals, Top R Apocalypse weapons

Teleport to SoA, and take the quest from Klemis.
You have to choose what kind of mobs to kill, Cokrakon seems to be the easiest.
Port in, there are 3 different ways market with different colors, pick one depending on your choice.
You have to collect 3x20 quest items, then you can go out or keep grinding for XP or drops.

Klemis will give you a random reward.
Attribute stones, crystals or Top R Apocalypse weapon.


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