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Zaken insta

Post by Scubba on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:10 am

Since last updates Zaken raid is instanced.
There are 3 avaliable instances designed for lower and high level small groups, as well as one for entire allies.
In order to enter with multiple parties, Command Channel leader have to talk to the entering NPC.
You can teleport to the entrance from Giran Harbor.

For lv 80 zaken there is a quest, which worth to take, reward is Zaken Cloak, which gives 5-10 attribute to all your stats, and some p.def.
Quest can be taken from Old Adams, "Cloak Embroidered with Souls - Zaken"
Quest is 78+

Daytime Zaken (Daydream)
Zaken lvl: 60
Entry level range: 54-66
Entering parties: 1-3 parties (7-21 players)
Time limit: 60 mins
Reuse: Instance reset every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30am
Drop chance:
Fairly easy, even with 1 not-so-good party.

Daytime Zaken
Zaken lvl: 83
Entry level range: 78-85
Entering parties: 1-3 parties (7-21 players)
Time limit: 60 mins
Reuse: Instance reset every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 6.30am
Drop chance:
Not so easy before 4th class, but after 1 party can do it.

Nighttime Zaken
Zaken lvl: 60 (lf confirmation)
Entry leve range: 54-66
Entering parties: 8-50 parties (56-350 players)
Drop chance:
Time limit: 60 mins
Reuse: Instance reset every Wednesday 6.30am
Zerg it! But pretty good chance for jewel drop.

How to kill Zaken?

There are a lot of candles around, when you hit them, they turn to blue or red and summon the minions (and Zaken if you are lucky) in the room.
The blue candle means Zaken is nearby, in one of the rooms around the candle.
When you find all the 4 blue candles, Zaken will appear in the room, surrounded by candles.
Be careful, adventurer, more candles you light, the stronger Zaken you have to fight!

There is a trick how to find Zaken.
Daytime Zaken and the minions are invisible until you start lighting the candles.
So whenever you enter, send someone with AoE attack to sweep the rooms, and use AoE spell in the middle of every room.
Zaken is invisible, but still exists, so after some time the scout will hit Zaken with the AoE skill.
Then you only have to light the 4 surrounding candles and kill it in few mins.
Don't forget to drop some adena, or mark the checked rooms after the scout.


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