Daily quests

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Daily quests

Post by Scubba on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:05 pm

Basically, the daily quests in Lineage II are sorted into categories according to level range. Each level range is limited to a certain number of daily quests per day. Also, the selection of which quests are available varies day to day, no matter which town you go to.

The 60- Berserker Outlaws and Not to be Forgotten are actually one-time quests, not daily quests.
50-54: Berserk Outlaws
55-59: Not To Be Forgotten

Characters level 60 to 64 can do 1 of these 3 quests, randomly selected by the server, per day:
- The Oppressor and the Oppressed
- Divinity Protector
- Waiting for Summer

65+: 2 of these 3 quests, randomly selected by the server, are available per day:
- Mysterious Letter
- For the Sacrificed (BS) 3.904.500 XP - 2.813.550 SP - 118.500 Adena
- Plain Mission (Goddard) 4.685.175 XP - 3.376.245 SP - 142.200 Adena

70+: 2 of these 3 quests, randomly selected by the server, are available per day:
- Awakened (WoA)
- Hot Spring Water (HS) 9.843.000 XP - 9.470.730 SP - 371.745 Adena
- Be Well (Stakato) 9.009.000 XP - 8.997.060 SP - 353.160 Adena

75+: 2 of these 3 quests, randomly selected by the server, are available per day:
- Open Secret (WoA) 26.216.250 XP - 29.791.275 SP - 561.555 Adena
- Wonders of Caring (EV) 22.901.550 XP - 26.024.550 SP - 490.545 Adena
- In this Quiet Place (Shrine) 19.890.000 XP - 22.602.330 SP - 426.045 Adena


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Re: Daily quests

Post by JTB on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:08 am

85-90 quests, quick guide (lazy to look up names, and NPCs):

Swampland daily: port to swamp, take quest from NPC which is right next to spawn, then kill mobs, reward is xp and around half a million adena.

Soa daily: find a party, use news informer to port to soa, decide which mobs you will kill (there are 3 way), take quest (you must chose which mobs you want to kill), finish quest for random reward (attribute stuff, enchant, requiem, apocalyps weapons)

Trojan daily: find a party, go to schuttgart, take quest from faliur, kill the boss for stuff that you can use to buy requiem weapons (your choice), and to exchange 1 adventurer mark (you can buy various items, best is R SA crys), you can kill the boss as many times as you want, but the only extra benefit from that, that you can exchange additional marks (if you have). The boss is hard, easy to die there, you have 1 hour, but a little organized party should do the job, so some exparienced ppl needed who can tell what to do.

Harnak 1 time: Take quest from Ye Sagira 5th exploration zone, from the npc which teleported into the instance zone needed for 1st class change, and if while you xp in harnak, and you see that the evil spirit is apearing, rush to the 2nd floor, and kill (or at least your pt have to last hit) the boss. Reward 16kk adena and some R SA thing.

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