Application PW + WC

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Application PW + WC

Post by Altair on Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:56 am


I'm writing this application on me and my friend site. We heard about your clan, talking with one of your member Noro who told us many good things about it.
Let me introduce us.

My name is Ralf, i'm playing as Plains Walker class right now on lvl 47. I play l2 for 2 years.
My friend name is Piter. He is playing as Warcryer class right now on lvl 47 too. He is playing l2 since C4 chronicle (about 6 years).

He was the person who teached me many things about l2 working system etc etc.

Last time, we was playing on privet server. Our chars was lvl 84/85 with full subs and ++ skills.
If u want to ask us about anything feel free to speak with Altair(PW) or GorNaDrag (WC).

I'm playing about 4 to 8 h per day and the same my friend.


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Clan member

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Re: Application PW + WC

Post by Scubba on Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:09 am

hello guys
tbh, i would take u to clan, u made a nice introduction
but your levels are terribly low...

so, please update your application when u are around 56 at least
with 4-8h it should be done... well .. tomorrow?



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