Application of two

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Application of two

Post by Digital on Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:32 am

Hi everyone,

Hard part - make an application w/o help of application form Smile Well, 1st things first:

Names (IRL): Lukasz and Agnieszka
We`re couple from Poland, playing various MMOs (especially l2) since few years. Now we`re making our first steps in GoD/Off environment, and looking for clan which we can fight/die/win/party with. We`re playing since c4, mostly on priv servers (existence, rpg, l2ex,eu, l2kastien, and some more).

OK, now time for "technical" section:

DigitalEnemy - HE, 46lvl (started today) + standard C-grade stuff
Laeria - WC, 46 lvl (started today too) + even more standard, karmianish, C-grade stuff ;D

As you can see, our lvls are not really high, but we plan to really speedup this weekend (and next days) Smile
Hope you can find a place for one Drow and one big, fat, green orc in your squad Smile



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Re: Application of two

Post by Scubba on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:48 pm

can u tell in which clans have u played before?
do u know anyone from VV, or how do u know us?



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