Dual Clan System

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Dual Clan System

Post by Scubba on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:46 pm

Dual Clan System - NOT AT SERVER START

As a consequence of all new features of the fresh chronicles and the decreasing roleplaying affinity we have to introduce a new
clan management system.
We used it on RPG already, and worked fine, or at least was acceptable with some minor mistakes.

By the time, the game became extremely CP oriented, solo players have no future in midgame/endgame. Also, the new instances, raids
and other challenges are designed for masses, 5-7-10 parties with shared cooldown.
Besides, most of our players have life, family, job or school, which means they are not avaliable 24/7. We understand it, and
respect your will to "march with the herd"  On the other hand, managing a decent clan is not possible with inactive fungamers.
To solve this problem, we developed the Dual Clan System. It was used already by some clans which had huge amount of players
(zerg), with more or less success.

Basically, we keep the main clan going, like any other factor clans. To the main clan, only complete, working CPs will be
accepted, with really few exceptions. These CPs will form constant groups (CG) to farm Tiat, Zaken, etc. It will ensur to having
the same cooldown, and makes much easier to share drops. The CP leaders are responsible for the management of their team, also
he/she has the right to claim or complain towards the group or the clan leader. For mass events, one of the CP leaders will be
appointed to lead the event, insta, whatever. CP leaders will discuss and share the incoming drops within the CG with the approval
of clan leader.

As soon as the main clan is full, we will establish a second clan, VV. This is our natural extension, expansion, and potential
ally. Old players with low activity, well-equipped and experienced individuals and small groups, and in certain cases buff- and
farmbots will be accepted here. They should make efforts on forming CPs to be able to join CGs, group-based actions and instas.
case any CPs miss certain class on any event, the party will be filled from the "VV pool" to maximize the power and efficiency.
Most of the rules apply to VV, just like main clan, but with lower expectations. Still, they have to be online for planned events,
and be able to manage their stuff.

All in all, we are the same clan, same crest, same future. But this way the nolifers in main clan have the chance to be factors,
and players in second clan may be a part of a successful clan, enjoying the advantages and the possibility of participating on
events which they would not achieve with their activity. VV should not feel discrimined or being used, but should consider
themselves as reinforcement of the main clan and the pillars of our success.


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