about today sieges

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about today sieges

Post by Irectus on Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:42 am

First of all gz for 50 vae warriors who stay in both sieges from the begining to the end. True Vae Victis members are ppl who stay not only in good times but in bad times as well. So i decide to keep the comrades in clan.

It was the worst siege we ever made 50/135 is fcking bad activity. Seems some CPs joined clan just for tiat and not for rest clan events. I saw ppl when we fighting in siege they play oly (!!). So i decide a mass clean up for all ppl who was offline no reason. 2 spanish Cps they have exams and they informed me they didnt kicked and also half isobel Cp who have some health problems. Rest ppl who was no excuse i dismissed them all(except poor sivi by mistake:P).
I really enjoy to play with these 50 warriors than with 130 semi active ppl who just doest care. So we made a new start here.

*Iam waiting for CP leaders cooperation and help in organise first their cp and have some responsibilities more for aq ,zaken farm etc.
*Its time to merge VV if we have in mind they had 18 ppl in first siege and 4ppl in 2nd lol:)

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