About the situation we are in epic hunting

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About the situation we are in epic hunting

Post by Irectus on Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:51 am

Core: We have the chars to kill it but we didnt go yet (crappy epic)
Orfen: have all the necessary class to kill it and we kill it oftenly
AQ: have all the necessary class to kill it need more ppl to participate and help
Each CP must have 1 sorcerer pt with wc for gate/ol or se high lvl for buffs/BD (siren)/ES/and rest slots with sorcerers
Zaken: 1 Destro pt is ready / miss 2nd destro +2 tanks (if you have these char just post and let us know)
Antharas: We have 2 high lvl nukers parties /Missing 2 low lvl mage parties( to have drops)/1 archer
Valakas: We have 2 good Mage groups + tanks in clan with deflect magic /We miss 1 more mage group at least

I wait from Cp leaders to inform me daily about their progress in this. Full List what chars they have each of their CP member for all these raids.

ps1: For antharas and valakas the main problem is the nukers pt we cannot do it with only 2. In server there are few mage groups so if you dont have mage subclass delete one subclass you have and lvl up a mage just for these raids. Dont forget that in valakas we can go with high lvl mages but in antharas need max 82 so if you dont have subclass mage make one.

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