Ekimus Guide Info

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Ekimus Guide Info

Post by Tempus on Mon May 30, 2011 12:24 am

I found this one on retail's forum and im sharing it

ekimus is basically a 2 raid boss raids sequence as u need to kill cohemenes a few times before you can enter the ekimus instance

been a while I did them, things worth noting:
- need to have killed at least once the lowbie instant raids, 2 undead dark knights w/e their names are to get a lvl1 badge
- upon killing cohemenes you get a lvl2 badge which you need to be able to enter ekimus later on
- the mobs are dark attribute so have some decent dark resists
- both raids go down fast with dod and 300 melee weapons and still decent without dod if stacked chars
- use a CC with a leader that can clearly communicate when to kill the tumors and in which sequence
- if something goes wrong at ekimus raid like him becoming invulnerable pr/relog/get out and wait for timer to reset and re enter and try again

think cohemenes is now a 3 party raid so 2 will need to split up and kill tumors/respawn rings in hallway while the 3rd hunts down raid once it spawns, after killing it ~10x ekimus instance should open up..

ekimus kill party requires strong peak/burst damage type dd's, cardi/ee will be tanking ekimus with rest of kill party wait outside of range untill all tumors are down, those need to be killed 1 at a time or it goes wrong, this party has CC leader as partyleader.. the other groups will need to run around trying to stay alive and kill the mage mobs while everyone gets in position to kill tumors.. once ready kill in sequence so the 2 immortal hounds of ekimus no longer defend him and you can actually do some noticable damage on him..
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Re: Ekimus Guide Info

Post by Epivitoras on Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:21 am

Ok since many ppl have problems with understanding how is it i decided to write short guide.

First thing, we need 5 pts:
- pt to kill ekimus with destro
- 2x nuker pt
- 2x melee pt

We are making cc going to soi blabla, when we are there cc leader is porting us inside. We are appearing in small room with doors and one tumor its room nr 1.
Noone touch this tumor coz its teleporting pt whcih click it to ekimus room and opening doors to coridorsand other rooms. In this moment all pts buff and preper. When all are rdy, destro pt is porting inside ekimus room by tumor.

Here is picture of whole instance:


- room with nr 1 is room where we are getting port from soi, and where is tumor to port to ekimus room, in this room is staying one melee pt coz doors will close
- rooms nr 2 and nr 3 on picture are taken by mage pt
- room nr 4 is taken by second melee pt
- rooms nr 5 and nr 6 are taken by second mage pt

Mages are suposed to split between 2 rooms to be able to clean both rooms from moobs at once. Melees got easier job coz they got only one room each.

1. ALL COFFINS MUST BE PERMA DOWN - they are healing tumors and appearing in coridors and rooms (u have their location on picture)
2. NOONE KILL TUMMOR WITHOUT COMMAND - every party is suposed to LOWER HIS TUMOR OR TUMORS and informe cc leader about it DONT KILL IT without command
3. When all tummors are lowerd till 10% hp or less, cc leader is commanding which tummor should die, thats why all of u must know the picture and number of ur room. For example kill tummor nr 3 means mages which are there killing it and informing cc leader when its done. Then cc leader command next tummor.
4. When all tumors are down destro pt can start kill ekimus
5. If anyone kill tumor out of command or order = FAIL and 8h penality

KILLING ORDER: 1 > 6 > 2 > 5 > 3 > 4

So basically every party leader must take care of his pt to dont let them fail, listen and answer to cc leader. Dont act on ur own and keep contact.
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