Lets share the work

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Lets share the work

Post by Irectus on Sat May 28, 2011 2:38 am

I want at least 3 CP leaders who will be responsible for Orfen /AQ/Zaken farm. What does it means this?
1st of all that they mainly organise the raid,camp, making CC, rgp ppl from other CPs to kill it
2nd IF their CP doesnt have yetat least one char for those raids force them to make one ( we need crp after all)
3rd Put the epic drops in clan warehouse so we can share them later.

All Cps must participate in these event but CPs which help and participate mostly in this have ofc more ++ to earn the epic

I am waiting here for Cp leaders to post and say what they want to organise

ps1: If spawning time of raid change (for example from afternoon to morning) another Cp must organise this in his active hours "zone" CP. So Cp leaders can be more that one for some raids for this reason

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