VV Rules (Clan/Ally)

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VV Rules (Clan/Ally)

Post by Tempus on Mon May 09, 2011 7:26 am

Yo Guys,as u noticed im going to VV clan to be leader there and as many people know there are gonna be some specific rules coz we wont be alt clan anymore,we will be active and stong and these are my rules

Clan Rules

1st We dont swear on clan/alliance chat
2nd Respect people on clan to be respected
3rd All clan members if taking a break for an extended period of time must contact to leader or co-leaders or post in the away section forum. Clan members after 1 weeks of inactivity without any given notice will be removed from clan
4th Everyone is expected some time at least, of their "clan play time", helping the clan or attending Raids/Sieges/Mass PVP
5th During Raid-Siege-Mass pvp, you should, keep chatter to a minimum.Speak only when spoken to by your party leader, clan leader, or co-leaders
6th Dont spam on clan chat and mostly speak English on clan chat so everyone will understand,use your nature language to speak to someone about something fast(Party/Meeting) NOT to open a clan dialogue on clan chat

Ally Rules

1st If anyone has issues, with another ally member, they are to consult their co-leaders or Clan leader, who can then speak with the other clans - co-leaders or clan leaders
2nd We help ally on Sieges-Mass pvp-Xp if its nessecery
3rd We dont spam on ally chat
4th Alliance Activity, Each member should be Encouraged to include Alliance members like Clan members into Parties, Raids, Quests Etc If requested
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