Early CP LF Players

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Early CP LF Players

Post by fragma on Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:25 am

Our CP had last days players who left server , find job and inactive so we are looking for new members

We are mostly farming HB, SOI , LAB , SAILREN , LILITH everytime when its possible
We have Actually on Our CP

Tempus-82 Shillen Saint (full S armor+weapon) (LEAD)
Booyaka-83 DoomCryer (full S armor+weapon+acumen)
Gavros-84 Eva Saint (full A armor+weapon+acumen) s80 Robe set almost finished
Z0d-85 Wind Rider (full A armor+3 weapon+critical damage)
BackStock-83 Phoenix Knight (full S armor+FB MW weapon+SA)
Tyrantus-83 Adventurer (full S armor+weapon)

we got 2 preniums for HB

We are looking for
SD/SWM/CARD for early CP
We mostly Play from 9h GMT +1 to 13h GMT +1

Feel free to post Smile


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