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scheduled events

Post by Scubba on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:06 am

as today morning we had 4 (four) online besdeis the archer pt for lilith, i will post the upcoming events on this week

place summoners/campers to the ziggurat, i think everyone need sc 12-16, and lilith is the best way
we killed it few times already, but random parties are getting lasthits, which is annoying
so, pm SanD for ToD, also use clanchat

Monday ToD: 08.30 GMT + 1
respawn: 12+8h

we sucessfully farm it, every 3rd days
with the usual 5 parties we kill tiat in like 5 mins
on this week, all the CPs should be fixed, so we can start 2nd turn on Tiat

1st cc: Sardax, Sand, Irectus, Shizary, Slaye
2nd cc: Jirq, SpikyRose, Rzeznik, Tebryn, Hate (we may transfer 1 mage pt from 1st cc)
or sardax pt will join 2nd turn, we will see
so, rzeznik, tebryn, spiky, hate: fix your parties asap, i see u miss certain classes
u have this week for that

it s going really slow, ppl don t care about camping it
we had ToD on last week, but lost
everyone should have aq sorc / bd ready, check the other topic about the requirements
everyone should be in the nest, with wc/ee/ol/se buffs, also a bd is useful
don t forget u must make CC to getthe loor privilege, AQ alt clan still have few slots, so we can inv
so MORE ATTENTION to AQ spawncamp!

ToD: unknown
respawn: 19+4 (rumors about 20+4)

as i heard, there are serious fights for zaken, so somehow i don t feel really suitable for us atm
anyway, ppl are trading zaken for aq, so aq is the main target

Baium/Antharas: yes, we will start showing up as soon as we fill clan (we got slots for more 1-2 cp)
so, on this week, all (yes all) make the quests, afaik u all are experienced so no need details about it
Antharas lv is 79 so not all can hit
Baium lv is 75 which means we need 1-2 CP to get subs which are able to deal the damage
nothing tricky, destros ,ax 77 with HD 150 will kill in 2 mins
rest of the parties will be pvp support, or we will try to ninja it while ooc/ll are fighting
this week is for quests and getting ready and filling clan
as soon as we can farm aq, next step will be the other epix

lv 85, no problem with that. Aytrax can solo it, need to kill mobs and mirrors
CP leaders should the the needed quest item (tezza force field removal scroll, 4sep goblets)
same applies like Baium/Antharas, we will try to ninja, if we have chance we will fight for it (tbh i believe with fixed CPs we have)

Hellmann: don t want to waste bytes for hellmann here, we have fotd ch, we MUST farm it every 4h
just pull to the CH
respawn: every ingame midnight (every 4h real time)

+1 Ekimus:
not now Smile

edit soon


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Re: scheduled events

Post by PainKill3r on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:01 pm

AQ die 2:50 GMT+1
08. 02.

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