GH 85 lf CP

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GH 85 lf CP

Post by ExcelenT on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:33 am

Yo !

Nick: Sickve
Class: GH
Lvl: 85

As its written Im currently playing GH 85 lvl (all subs etc etc). Im looking for melee DD CP. I can offer playtime at evening hours *mostly 19 + GMT+1 up till late.
I would really want to join yer clan if there is any CP in where I would fit in Wink I was once in VV, but I was playin Cardi: ExcelenT - and I left cuz of I haven't got CP and randomly got party. Now I have more time to play and even more fun cuz of stabing ppl from behind instead of healin their asses Twisted Evil \\

Well, if anything changed and there is place in any DD CP - I'd like to play with u guys.

Hope miracles happen and I wanna 1 empty slot in melee CP to be that miracle rabbit

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Clan member

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