Massiv0r's - Archers soon to be CP LF ... (New)

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Massiv0r's - Archers soon to be CP LF ... (New)

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:33 am

Damage Dealers:
Archer #1 -> xMessiah (Saggitarius)
Archer #2 -> i42 (Saggitarius)
Archer #3 -> (Trickster, Ghost Sentinel , Moonlight Sentinel , Saggitarius acceptable)

Cardinal -> Empty
Eva Saint -> Empty
Arcana Lord -> hRnec
Sword Muse -> Empty
Spectral Dancer -> KaTaRaMeNi
Doom Cryer -> Empty

-Hours in all already members are Europe GMT+1 / GMT +2 so we need to find an equal Timezone.
-Ventrilo and the ability to understand and speak english is a must (that means you need a microphone).
-Gear requirement for Archers is 150 DB and Mj/Draco, for Support Classes it's A-S grade, SD and SWM need to have a S weapon that they will use.
-Experience isn't a must but the ability to learn is.
-Activity is a must, the hours of the CP doing either HB , Raid , PvP, PvE will be give and take 4, we may play more if a part of the cp is still online and has free time, in that case we gonna invite randoms. Suspect

Contact me either here or Ingame "xMessiah / "Massiv0r, thanks in advance. Very Happy

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Re: Massiv0r's - Archers soon to be CP LF ... (New)

Post by hRnec on Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:18 pm

check ur pms here on forum+can you give me some contact on you ? thx

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