Mage CP lf SWS/EE

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Mage CP lf SWS/EE

Post by iSpoon on Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:52 am

CP playtime 20-24 GMT+1 weekdays + weekend

Mage CP currently looking for:

Active EE: Would be best if played everyday ( recharge essential to any HB pt )
Active Sws: Would be best if played everyday ( acting as a tank, must have for HB pt )

If you are interested, pm me in game.

What we have:
Sorc: iSpoon ( playing everyday 20-24 )
Sps: Coral ( playing everyday 4+hours )
Necro: Cobol ( playing everyday 4+hours )
Cardinal: Richelieu ( playing everyday 19-22:30 )
Slh+inspector: Derik ( playing everyday 4+hours )
Bd: Blachowski ( dwarf on main though, playing everyday 2-4hours [depending on shift in work] )
Dominator: Lysy ( playing everyday 2-4 hours )

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